Bottle Gourds – Grass Valley, CA

Today was a big day. We did a lot of fun projects:

  • In the morning I read about eCommerce success stories.
  • Then I solved some significant security and spam issues for a client. Theses solutions will last a long time.
  • We cleared out the garden of wire and un-needed leftover infrastructure from the previous season.
  • We completed a big chunk of the cabin remodel.
    • Removed the old stove
    • Reclaimed the tile from an old junk pile
    • Polished the tiles of old debris
    • Cleaned up rubbish around the cabin
    • Lay the tile on ready-set. Ready for grout tomorrow
    • Cut the floor moulding and oiled it with boiled linseed oil
    • Installed the doorbell
  • Went on a walk through the forest and took the above images
  • Got a checklist of to-dos
  • Cooked some delicious food
  • Watched an episode of Game of Thrones

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