The Old Love Affair Travel Podcast

Ian Robinson and the Love Affair Travel Podcast

We’ve changed everything since this post was written. The podcast art above is beautiful, but retired.

Please feel free to leave a comment below. Also, please feel free to listen to the new version via the links below.

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3 Replies to “The Old Love Affair Travel Podcast”

  1. Hey Ian!

    Caught your link to the Natalie Sissons podcast at a perfect time. After 2 years working up here in Alaska in the oil field it’s time to GO… As you know, I joined ErkSnrk in Australia (Melbourne) in Spring 2011 and traveled to WA and up to Kalbarri where I WWOOFed on a 1/2 million acre goat farm. It was Amazing, and I probably owe you a little bit of credit for breaking trail. So, Thanks.

    I’m heading down to the states in about a month, buying a motorcycle and criss-crossing the Western US– all the while trying to set up short internships/shadows in exciting fields. It was after reading an article in Forbes that it finally clicked for me. I just need to go out and try more things. So, I’ll cold call/email successful people who are doing things that I’ve always thought I could or wanted to do. I’m totally kicking around the idea of getting a travel/life hack blog going and was going to email you for advice. I’ll send you a private message on FB, though, for that.

    Keep up the Good work! Perhaps one day I can make it on your podcast 🙂

    Mike Tunseth

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