Patrick Daley: True Transient Crosses the USA again, this Time by Canoe

Courtesy of Patrick Daley

The True Transient, Patrick Daley returns to the Love Affair Travel Podcast to tell us about another wild adventure across the United States… but this time it’s not by land! The last time we heard from Patrick he was hitchhiking across the country, today we learn of his current journey from NYC to Mexico via a canoe.

I caught up with him 11 days into his journey on a rest, drying out at a Philadelphia diner. In this episode, Patrick talks about funding a 2,600-mile boating expedition through the inter-coastal waterways of 13 different states.

We also focus on the logistics of a truly unique trip, like filming for his True Transient YouTube channel and navigating and packing for this life changing adventure. You don’t want to miss this amazing episode!

“Do something new and more ambitious.”  – Words that inspired Patrick Daley to canoe across the U.S.

Travel Topics:

  • Traveling from New York to Mexico… in a canoe!! [1:45]
  • Google Maps has one weakness: Waterways [6:05]
  • How much gear is too much gear for this kind of trip? (Very Important – Don’t forget to pack your drone) [10:09]
  • How to scout out a good campsite in and out of tidal regions [11:00]
  • Writing a travel memoir via dictation while canoeing… Like Woah! [12:22]
  • How the maiden canoe voyage has made budgeting a challenge [14:56]
  • On the difficulties of editing a video series from a campsite [16:20]
  • Utilizing water canals and locks from the Industrial Revolution-era America [17:38]
  • Canoeing through New York harbor despite experts warnings [19:38]
  • Why a canoe and not a kayak? [20:50]
  • Future dreams to come on Patrick’s journey to Mexico [22:33]

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Take Action:

Choosing to canoe across the U.S. was pretty crazy and was at the edge of Patrick’s wildest imagination. What adventure seems too crazy for you to go on? Imagine it and go!