Snow Planet – Auckland (North Shore), New Zealand

Indoor Snow Sports in a the Northland (No Snow)

When people think of New Zealand they think snow. The truth is, the North Land doesn’t have lots of snow. Actually, the Northland of New Zealand has no snow, except in the SnowPlanet warehouse.

The Lads and the Yank At Snow Planet

A Strange Feeling – Ski Lodge in the Subtropics

It was a strange feeling going from the subtropical cool feel of Northern New Zealand into the old freezing snow weather that I was once accustomed to. The feeling of being at a ski area is un-forgettable and it is bizarre to be transported to this place immediately after a weekend of swimming in the Bay of Islands.

We approached the place wearing short sleeved shirts and jandals (for those of you who don’t know, jandals are what kiwis call flip flops.) Inside the warehouse they have a perfectly picturesque ski lodge with a gas fire and a hearty bar. They even have ski food like burgers and chips (fries for the Yanks out there.) Its a perfectly legitimate ski area lodge. The biggest difference is that the snow is also inside and you can look directly out onto the whole hill from your seat at the bar.


I grew up in Tahoe so skiing is second nature. This place is just a measly hill.

When I got here I was expecting this but because I had been traveling in warm places for the last three years; I have to admit: It was fun. I actually had a blast.

Though the place is just a hill; if you’ve never skied or snowboarded before, this is an excellent place to get the knack of it. Everyone here is either a beginner, or they shouldn’t be there. It’s really fun to breath the cold air and get that freedom of falling on soft snow.

Snow Quality

The snow quality is nice. In Tahoe we describe it as “spring corn.” It’s great stuff to learn on. You can set an edge in it, roast your friends with it and when you fall it doesn’t hurt at all. Really fun quality snow, but not the best for snowballs.


I took advantage of this bad boy:

They have three of these things just chilling in the locker room. Feel free to grab it. This badboy made my day. Check out the action shots on the video above.

Bottom Line

Look if you’re an expert snow rider, don’t go here. Get a bus ride to Queenstown. If you’re looking for a day of fun in the snow while your bored in Auckland; this place is perfect.

You can find out directions and buy tickets at the Snowplanet website.