Alex Jimenez: How one Girl Learned to Travel without Tours

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Recession blues got you down? Feel like the corporate ladder could be kicked out from under you at any moment? 

Why not take the fear of being disposed and transform it to a life of travel!

Alex Jimenez, founder of Travel Fashion Girl, did exactly that. After leaving the corporate world of fashion and taking time to travel, she found a genius way to combine her previous professional experience with her passions to pursue a life of long-term travel.

Finding the perfect travel blog niche is key in penetrating the market. Alex’s business savvy and life long hustlin’ skills has made her excel at the art of travel blogging. Listen in to learn about Alex’s insight into creating a blog niche that you love!

“The best way to find something to do is try to combine your passion with what your previous professional experience was.” – Alex Jimenez

Travel Topics:

  • Perks of living in Playa Del Carmen [2:05]
  • Utilizing the Nest CoWorking space [4:57]
  • How to live the corporate life in your early twenties [6:52]
  • How to become an entrepreneur [8:46]
  • Everyday she’s hustlin’ [10:32]
  • How to leave corporate L.A. Hint: It’s not that hard! [11:30]
  • Changing careers during a recession [13:57]
  • Falling in love with travel [15:12]
  • Where should I travel to first? [15:57]
  • Benefits of meeting other long term travelers [20:16]
  • Alex’s first trip which turned into a crazy long-term adventure [22:03]
  • The financial aspects of tours vs solo traveling [27:03]
  • How to travel solo [28:48]
  • Do I write instead of work? [31:41]
  • Seasonal touring jobs… So much fun! So much work! [34:24]
  • How to become a travel blogger [36:00]
  • How to combine your professional work experience with your passions to sustain long term travel [37:14]
  • Finding motivation from Nora and The Professional Hobo [38:17]
  • The inspiration behind Travel Fashion Girl [38:56]
  • What is work exchange? [41:42]
  • The growth of Travel Fashion Girl [42:33]
  • Alex’s advice on starting a blog [45:15]
  • Why not write an eBook first? [46:37]
  • How to use Amazon Affiliates [48:19]
  • It’s not chasing after biggest keywords, just chasing after a keyword [50:17]
  • What’s next for Alex [50:59]

“I think a lot of people realized at that point that we were all disposable.” – Alex Jimenez

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“Doing this and meeting these people, it’s so inspirational. People always think, ‘I can’t do that, how can you do that?’ It is possible as long as you shift your priority and your focus.” – Alex Jimenez

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Do you have previous professional experience and a passion you can utilize to excel at travel blogging?