Whitianga, New Zealand: Weeklong Stay at the Batch

We’ve spent the last few days in Cooks Beach, New Zealand.  Its surprisingly quiet in this little scenic suburb.  It feels a bit like that movie 28 Days Later; heaps of well maintained homes without a soul around.  I heard it gets crowded around Christmas and New Years, but it sure isn’t crowded now.

To get goodies and internet access we bike from Cooks Beach to Whitianga.  We load our bikes onto the ferry to cross the bay to town.  It’s fun taking a boat to get to town.

On the way back, we stopped at Shakespeare Cliff.  This is a tiny hike out to the point where you can look over the stunning Cathedral Bay.  I found a cool rope swing down on the beach

When the swell picks up we drive across the peninsula to surf at Hot Water Beach.

Hot Water Beach is a sand bar beach break.  It breaks left and right.  The right generally shapes up better than the left.  It seems to me that it works best at low to mid tide.

It’s called Hot Water Beach because during low tide everyone digs into the sand and chills in the warm spa-like water.  It’s a cool touristy beach scene.  If you’re looking for a good place to park your van for the night and sleep near the beach, go to the Surf Beach parking lot.  It’s got a toilet and its far from the road.

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