Hiking Over the Andes and Into the Amazon with Pierre Heistein

He moved from South Africa to Argentina to learn Spanish.

This was only the beginning.

After losing almost everything, he found comfort in that place.

He also found adventure along the way.

Welcome the African Adventurer Economist, Pierre Heistein.

“It’s not something you aim to learn, it’s something you stumble across.” – Pierre Heistein (Tweet It)

Travel Topics:

  • On the pace of partying in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • How finding a remote Argentine town to write a thesis led to finding a love and a new home
  • How an economist went from writing a thesis to selling Chinese t-shirts on the streets of Argentina
  • How to get the cheapest land in the world in Argentina
  • Having a girlfriend is a great way to learn another language? Try learning to sell
  • What there is to be gained from having everything in life stripped away and finding oneself still producing and enjoying life
  • How one’s perception of risk and possibility can change when experiencing a different culture
  • Strategies for seeing the most dramatic aspects of mountain ranges
  • His journey Hiking Over the Andes
  • Stories of majestic multicolored Andean lakes
  • The value in “not throwing yourself at the world.”

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  • A Guy Named Bob Dylan and his song, Outlaw Blues

Take Action:

If Luke and Pierre were standing in front of you with meager backpacks ready to head into the mountains, would you join them?