Will Peach: Shifting Away from Gonzo Road Life

He thought he wanted a life of travel.

So he created a way of doing it.

This taught him a lot about himself.

He discovered that life is forever changing.

He found the importance of being true to himself in following his dreams.

Say hello to our next guest, Will Peach.

“Life is a constant process of evolution, it’s a journey and nothing is permanent.” – Will Peach (Tweet It)

Travel Topics:

  • Not leaving university and going straight into a 9-5 graduate job
  • Funding yourself in becoming location independent
  • Psychological and social challenges of traveling
  • Travel blogging and entrepreneurship-seeing a gap
  • Using the internet to work effectively
  • When is the time to settle down?
  • Doing what is important to you at that time
  • Embracing change and transition

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Take Action:

Think about what you really would like to be doing in your life.  Is it what you are doing right now?  If not how could you adapt your situation to enable to you be fulfilled?