Fishing – The Ultimate Test of Patience

Fishing: The Ultimate Test of Patience

Experiencing a rollercoaster of thrills during an outdoor trip will not always be the case as there are always exceptions, like fishing. You can do this virtually anywhere, but although there are days when you might find yourself catching fish after fish, there are also times when the waters seem to have run dry.

This is when your patience is truly put to the test. And currently with it still being technically winter, there are only a select few places where you can cast a line and hope for a bite.

But as Berkley Fishing puts it, “The key to enjoying all of fishing is patience.” Note that the saying included ‘all’ which implies that in both good days and bad days, having patience is the indicator of how the rest of your day will pan out.

If you can’t get a bite, don’t beat yourself up. It can get frustrating, but don’t pack up after several failed hours. Pick yourself up, reel the line, and cast out again.

If you think about it, that’s actually the beauty of fishing. Its unpredictability allows for spontaneous emotions, which can turn to priceless experiences and learning curves. Imagine if you haven’t had a single catch for almost a whole day, and just when you’re about to reel in one last time, you get a big bite.

Don’t get too excited though if that happens – you never know you might have an accident like the one shared by Fish Brain. This goes back to the value of patience again, and in this case, it’s to avoid injuries.

Can I skip the long part?

Like mentioned earlier, there’s always an exception, but the only surefire way to beat the waiting process is to enjoy fishing and all its different facets. Fishing isn’t like most sports – it isn’t made up of end-to-end or unrelenting action. It’s a patient pursuit that should help people relax and gather their thoughts. It’s a time for reflection while also participating in a sport you love. Fishing is the ultimate getaway from life’s distractions and people should utilize this medium for self-improvement and self-reflection as previously mentioned.

Yes, we see many video games nowadays that mimic the fishing process – and while these are all good, they don’t come close to replicating the whole experience accurately. Touch Arcade released Ridiculous Fishing which went onto be voted the 2013 iPhone Game of the Year. The game combined fishing with hunting which was far more fast paced than the real thing. The developers behind the platform PocketFruity injected some excitement into slot gaming when they created the fishing themed game Lucky Angler. But as fun-filled as all these variations of fishing games are, no virtual representation can equal the rewarding experience of the real thing nor can they emphasize the need for patience and perseverance.

After all, when you go out to fish, it’s not always the catch which is the most important takeaway. Postletown Woods and Water explained it best. It’s about “enjoying the whole experience and sharing it with others.” Whether you’re with family or fishing buddies, the goal is to bond: with your companions and with the great outdoors. Once you’ve brought yourself into that mindset, you’re going to enjoy every fishing session regardless of the haul you get at the end of the day.