Other Writers and Travel Hustlers:

Runaway Guide – Leif is an amazing writer. He is my favorite travel blogger. Even if you’ve got no interest in travel, this is entertaining as hell.

Nomadic Matt – Matt travels the world for a living. He’s got heaps of information on travel. If you want to find the best hostels or finagle some awesome plane tickets; Matt’s got you covered

Tim Ferriss – If you don’t know about this guy you must be living in a digital cave. You can check out his book about business and fitness. Becoming time rich and hacking the system to get the most out of your life is the new rich. Tim is also involved with the venture capitalist crowd who wants to see a more futuristic future. This is heroic, and I hope to se more heros. Come join us. (affiliate links)

TropicalMBA– Dan Andrews is traveling the world while building businesses out of his laptop. He keeps a podcast and it’s all inspirational stuff.

Chris Guillebeau – Author of the $100 start up. Another pioneer of the new rich.

Entrepreneur Advice:

Derek Sivers – One of my favorite entrepreneurs of all time. Check out his uncommon guide.

Chris Ducker – Mentor and all around ass-kicker. If you need any virtual assistants, go to the Outsource to the Philippines website for more information.


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