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Back Ground:

Costa Rica was uninhabitable for the longest time by westerners due to intense heat and mosquito born illness. Aside from two violent periods in the time since the white people came, Costa Rica has been a remarkably stable place. Lots of people call it the Switzerland of Central America. They don’t even have a military as it was disbanded in 1949.  Awesome right?

Extended history:

To this day, Costa Rica is a shining example of eco tourism. The country has opened it’s doors to westerners and there is more biological diversity in this little country the size of West Virginia than there is in the whole of North America.


Costa Rica is slightly smaller than West Virginia

Highest Point

Cerro Chirripo – 3,810 meters


About 4.7 million (about the population of Sydney, Australia)

Special notes to know before you travel:

  • Costa Rica is full of Americans
  • Costa Rican Spanish is beautiful and easy to understand
  • Pura Vida translates directly to Pure Life, but it has many deeper connotations
  • Make friends in Costa Rica, the place is fantastic!

Fun Stuff:

Stories of Adventure Living in Costa Rica:

  • Want to adventure through the jungles, talk with the locals and find an organic farm in Costa Rica? Read this.
  • The Rainforest Hike (A podcast here or a written piece at least!)

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