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Back Ground:

Bali has a long history of enchanting it’s visitors. The first Dutch visitors from the west were awestruck with interest in the Balinese people. The leader of the island at the time had a golden cart that was towed by white oxen and the lavish celebrations left the europeans awestruck.


About the size of Connecticut.

Highest Point

Mount Agung (3,031 meters)


About 3.89 million

Special notes to know before you travel:

  • Bali has been the target of terrorist attacks in the past. Specifically the western style clubs and bars in Kuta and Legian. The Balinese abhor these attacks and they have a day of remorse for the attacks. I spoke to many Balinese that strongly denounce the attacks.
  • Indonesia has the largest muslim population in the world but the Balinese practice a religious animism and are very welcoming to foreigners.
  • Large populations of Javanese and Sumatrans live in Bali who often grow up in traditional muslim lifestyle.
  • Though I heard that the police are corrupt there, I never experienced contact with them.

Fun Stuff:

  • The Balinese are named in order from their first born to the fith born indiscriminate of age. Expect to encounter many Balinese people with the same name. I can’t recall all of them but: Gday, Ketuk, Made, Wayung (can’t remember the lat one)
  • There is lots of great surf all around the Southern Peninsula. The map I’ve drawn above will take you to some of the best places I’ve ever surfed in my entire life. Endless uncrowded coast lines. This is tropical water so you don’t need
  • There are lots of great rock climbing spots along the coast.
  • Visit monkey temples and watch sunset ceremonies. These things are utterly amazing!

My Stories of Living in Bali:

Our Perfect Bali Adventure

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