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June 20th 2013

So I’ve got a lot done for the show.

I’ve interviewed 10 or 11 people now.  I’ve got 3 more meetings set too. That should put me good to publish and episode a week for the next 2 months while I track the growth of this blog via podcasting. As of now, I get about 600 unique visitors a month which leaves tons of room for improvement.

Exciting times. I mean, these interviews have been awesome. I’ve talked with people who have traveled to every country in the world, people who have climbed over the andes and into the jungle without a trail map, people who organize international adventures, social media superstars, travel bloggers of the utmost respect and many many more! It’s crazy to think all this great stuff is sitting on my hard drive. I can’t wait to share it with everyone!

Also, I made a new podcast art:


So yeah, it’s all happening. I’ll have the first show on iTunes before the end of the month and I anticipate that this blog will get considerably more crowded. I’m giving it a facelift just in case.

April 23rd 2013

Hello, I’m Ian Robinson, founder of Freedom Podcasting, and this Love Affair Travel blog.

Though I’m a professional podcast producer, I always produce podcasts for people other than myself.

The podcasts I’ve produced are beautiful and I’m so happy to see the success of my clients. They are getting thousands of downloads and reaching an incredible audience in response to their podcasting efforts. As happy as I am to continue working on them, I’ve got this creeping sense that I need to start one on my own.

I’m terrified of actually doing the recording side of podcasting. I don’t like the sound of my voice and I’m eternally worried that I’m going to come off like an idiot. But I’m a firm believer in doing the things that scare me, so, here goes.

This Love Affair Travel blog is what I’m passionate about. Travel is the most interesting thing in the world to me. I think the world would be a better place if everyone spent more time on the road.

So for that, I’m going to start a Love Affair Travel Podcast.

I’m brainstorming live on the internet here. Feel free to comment below if your interested in supporting me and my adrenaline fuled heart right now.

Since I’m a technical podcast guy, I’ll first, write the Tagging SOP for the show:

Love Affair Travel Podcast

Title (Title): 

Guest Name – Show Description Plug

(e.g. Nial Doherty: Constantly Improving Around the World Sans Plane)


Ian Robinson: Adventure, Travel, Entrepreneurship, Art, Music and Adrenaline

Album Artist:

Ian Robinson: Adventure, Travel, Entrepreneur, Art, Music and Adrenaline


Love Affair Travel: Exploring Long Term Travel Lifestyle From Fascinating Location Independent Adventurers






You’re more than welcome to come check out our website. www.LoveAffairTravel.com


Insert the Bullet Points From Show Notes


We loved having you. If you want to support the show, leave us an iTunes review. Then click over to LoveAffairTravel.com




Show Art 1st Version

Here is the first draft.




Date: April 23rd 2013

Does this podcast sound interesting to you?



Much Love,

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