Travel Equipment

I’ll give you links to things that I think are fantastic. On this website you will only be shown things that make my life better for having them. Things like these:


Go to a thrift shop and get second hand gear. The world is full of man made junk that you don’t need. Get an old vintage shirt. You’ll look cool and when you finally destroy it, you can use it for rags before it becomes completely worthless. Then burn it.


MacBook Pro: Best computer available if you want to become a traveling digital nomad. It’s got the power you need to edit photos and videos, plus it has all the intuition needed to keep you from throwing it out the window when you’ve got an approaching deadline (Affiliate Link)

Unlocked iPhone 6: I recommend an unlocked smartphone. With an unlocked phone one can have a working text talk and web device upon arrival to a new country. SIM cards are available for almost free everywhere so you buy one plug it in and you’ve got a local phone. If they don’t have nano-SIM avaliable, just cut the excess plastic off with a knife or a pair of fingernail clippers and plug it into the phone. You do not need to pay more, the important part of the cards are the same on nano as they are on the original big ones.

It allows me to listen to podcasts while working or on long bus rides. It’s also a great camera and does 100 million other things. It is an amazing device. (Affiliate Link)


Life of Pi: This book is a must read for those willing to take the hard road and experience adventure. The movie too is excellent.

The Alchemist: If you need inspiration to take the plunge and start traveling, this book is a fantastic motivator. Also, if you’re having challenges on the road, this is an excellent book to keep you on your path. At the end of the day, this is an essential read.

Shantaram: This is one of the best books I’ve ever read. Not only is it exciting reading, it’s funny, exciting, spiritual and brave. You can read my response to it here.

Don’t Stop the Carnival: We all dream of selling everything and heading to the Caribbean. In this one, Norman Paperman has a go at it. Hilarity ensues.

Getting to Yes: This is a great book for those of you headed to a land where negotiation is part of survival.

The Bonfire of the Vanities: Tom Wolfe paints an amazing portrait of the bizarre lives of people in New York. It’s an excellent work that really plays on the differing perspective of multiple characters dealing with their particular brand of struggle. Set in New York City, an accident sets off a waterfall of silly events that lead to end

A Confederacy of Dunces: This one, like Bonfire of the Vanities, is an highly skilled portrait of a group of strange and comical characters. Another laugh out loud book. Set in New Orleans during a special time of decline. The characters go up against the realities of their incapacity.

Ishmael: This book discusses the turning point of human history in which we shifted from a hunter/gatherer society to that of an agrarian society. The mode of describing this is fantastical, but the meaning penetrates deeply into the way I see humanity. This book plays an important role in my philosophy of how the world operates.

All the Pretty Horses: This is another great book for inspiring the reader to go chase after your dreams. This book plays an important role in my decision to go work on a cattle station in the Australian outback. In this book, the main character comes upon a more challenging set of circumstances than I was (thankfully.) This book tells the story of a very brave group of friends who chase their dreams and are tough as nails.

I especially like listening to Audio Books on Audible. These are great for long bus rides and while running in exotic out of the way places. Follow the link below for a free audio book…

Building an Online Presence

Host Gator – This is my favorite hosting company. I find it’s the easiest to get my websites up fast and easy.

I recommend Blue Host for those just starting out with creating a blog. DO NOT USE HOSTGATOR