Welcome Guests

I’m pumped to have you on the Love Affair Travel podcast!

Here are some things about the show that will help you understand what we’re trying to do.

The Objective of The Show

It sounds crazy, but I believe world travel is an important part of promoting world peace.

Travelers like you help interconnect the world and this is instrumental towards a cooperative, peaceful human planet.

Our generation is going to be a primary force in moving humanity from type 0 to type 1 civilization (note: we don’t have to discuss crazy ideas like this.)

We Can Do It!

Structure of the Show

Each interview starts off with talking about where you are now and what your working on.

I always like to discuss wether long term travel is perilous, super expensive and I like to share awe inspiring stories with you.

Above all, I want to have lots of laughs and talk about energizing, fascinating topics. Sure, it’s a travel podcast at the core, but if we go off on a fantastic tangent, that’s just as great.

Generic Question Structure

This is simply an outline that we generally follow. I love tangents but I’ll steer the interview if it’s getting too far off on some unrelated example for the audience. If you feel like preparing a little, here is a general outline:

Where are you now? What’s happening? How’s life?

Can you tell us a little bit about your journey? Where did you start? How do you move?

How much money did you start out with?

How are you financially maintaining your travel?

At love affair travel, I’m motivated by the really amazing travel moments where you are just blown away with how fantastic life is. For example, seeing alpaca’s wild while bussing through patagonia, that sort of thing just drove me crazy with awe for how beautiful the world is. It’s like rocket fuel for world travel. Can you share an awesome moment like that in your travels?

Have you ever felt really endangered due to your travel lifestyle?

Have there been moments when you thought about turning it all in and heading back home to get go conventional?

How has a life of travel effected your entrepreneurship?

Finally, what do you say to the young lady or man who wants to see the world, but is nervous about taking the first step?

Getting Fired Up

This is going to be great!

Looking forward to rocking the mic with you! (Click to Tweet)