MoDP 2: Western Park – Ponsonby Auckland

Western Park Auckland
I always walk to work. Walking isn’t the quickest or the most efficient way to go. It generally takes me 25 to 30 minutes and it’s an indirect path. I have to walk around the infrastructure for the cars. The motorway, the stop lights, the dead heaps of black asphalt dominating the path. Walking is the slowest way for me to get to work. But on the way back, I take a left down Ponsonby and walk through this park. This is Western  Park. This is my favorite part…

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  1. Western Park is one of Auckland city’s gems. A place with space for all . Children and dogs play like one extended family . Folk people sing in the performance place. lovers lie around resembling a sea lion colony in the summer sun. Art in the Park and Fiesta in the Park are among the many popular events that happen there throughout out the year I also like to spend warm autumn afternoons playing with my dog with the falling leaves.

    1. Lovely description Gerard. Thanks very much for the addition to the post. If anyone reading this is planning a trip to New Zealand, please check out the link by clicking Gerard’s name above to explore his spot in Ponsonby. Ponsonby is the most hip neighborhood in Auckland.


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