Leslie Robinson | East of Eden, The Crossing and Still Life with Woodpecker

Leslie Robinson is my other little sister who loves to read fiction. Among many other rockstar qualities she is a very well read and an insightful young lady.

Leslie Robinson Loves Books

Welcome to episode 3 of the Three Favorite Books podcast with Leslie Robinson.

“A whole bunch of books came to mind at first, but I narrowed it down to three.” – Leslie Robinson

Leslie Robinson’s Favorite Books

East of Eden by John Steinbeck

“It’s just a literary masterpiece. It’s about these two families and all these peoples relationships with each other aswell as themselves.

It’s set in California and it kind of gives you a good idea of different things that happened probably from the early 1900s to the mid 1900s.

It kind of mirrored the story of Caine and Able in the bible in some ways which was really interesting. It was just very layered and it had some of the best characters that I’ve ever read about.”

The Crossing by Cormac McCarthy

“The Crossing is part of a trilogy that weren’t originally written to all go together, but have similar themes.

“I started off reading All the Pretty Horses which I would easily include in my list of three favourite books.

I absolutely loved it. I loved the relationship between the United States and Mexico and just being able to cross these borders and all the differences but all the similarities.

So after that I decided to read The Crossing due to that because I knew that it was going to be similar. This one just had a very interesting story that I couldn’t pass up. ”

Still Life with Woodpecker by Tom Robbins

“It was a great example of amazing writing which Tom Robbins does. It was really entertaining and funny and usually I don’t like funny books, but this one was always making me laugh and always had these outrageous things going on, and I just couldn’t put it down.”

I Hope These Notes on East of Eden, The Crossing and Still Life with Woodpecker Helped You in a Useful Way

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