Personality Test: Myers-Briggs ENFP “THE CAMPAIGNER”

(‘hat tip’ to Johnny FD. His article inspired this.)

diplomat personality test

As much as I can, I try to think deeply about the things that I am not seeing. What are the beliefs which I carry that are driving me to do things on a subconscious level.

Here are my results:

Personality Results
I really enjoyed taking this test. They have an elegant User Experience (UX) so it’s fun and easy to click through. It takes about 15 minutes and the results are 100% free. So why not take the test and examine the results?

This blog will just be a way to think through the results of the test. Let’s get started:

Managing Monotony

ENFPs are fiercely independent, and much more than stability and security, they crave creativity and freedom.

I can’t argue with this. I mean, my social media handle is ‘independentian’. It’s striking how adverse I am to top-down management. There is an internal repulsion that I can’t help but feel when I have to do something that has detailed specifics.

When I get specific orders, I literally feel physically repulsed. I love working hard, but being forced to do monotonous stuff is like eating cardboard. I physically struggle with it.


Perhaps this is just flattering. All of the strengths resonate with me… but I’m not sure that they are always the case. I’m just sort of feeling in agreement here as a way of sort of nodding…

‘Ok got it.’ Energetic, friendly, observant and able to relax. ‘Yup, that’s me.’ I like to think I’m these things, but perhaps I’m unaware that I’m not.


The challenge for ENFPs is that they live in a world of checks and balances, a pill they are not happy to swallow.

This is unquestionably my experience.

The test explains that ENFPs can find it difficult to focus, though I spend most of my days intensely focused on specific projects. When I’m editing a video or writing code, I forget to eat and can easily work on a project for 6-10 hours a day.

Though the focus aspect is perhaps a little off the mark, I’m independent to a fault for sure. My wife says I’m not highly emotional either. Alas! Who knows. It’s fun to think about.

So long as they get to use their people skills, identify and achieve their own goals and inspire their colleagues and followers, ENFPs will be happy.

That definitely resonates with me too. Perhaps each page is an attempt to rewrite similar ideas in ways that resonate differently with people. Each  separate section (friendship, relationships, career, etc.) is saying the same thing in different ways.

This section mentions that ENFPs struggle with ‘carrot and stick’ style management. But many people thrive in that environment. It’s important for me to recognize this idea going forward.

Here’s Kristen and Johnny talking about their experience. Notice how each of them are always saying things that match their personality type:

If you’re reading this and think it’s worth a chin wag, feel free to share your personality type below. I’ll be happy to compare my great personality type with yours. If we are the same, we can sit back and gloat about how great we are.

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