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Rotorua, New Zealand: Skyline Luge

The Rotorua Luge is mean. We had an awesome time with the family. I used the GoPro to slap this video together:

Honestly, I had my doubts about doing this. It seemed a bit overly family friendly for my radical roots, but I was wrong. The high speed corners led to adrenaline filled skids and I almost rolled a few times. One of our party did roll.

“Rotorua Luge vs. Queenstown Luge” No real competition, the Rotorua Luge is better. I heard this straight from the mouths of a few Kiwi fellows who have visited both Luge locations more times than they could count. Word is, the Rotorua Luge is better quality, longer and faster than it’s counterpart in Queenstown.

We really had a great time. It’s a lot like a short day at the ski area, but not quite so cold!

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Tropical Workforce Internship Application

Massive Mahalo to the gentlemen at Tropical MBA. This blog post is my first step in their internship process. Check out their job description and you can apply too!

Internship Application Begins Below:

Hello Justin and Joe,

Thank you for visiting my blog. Your websites and podcasts are fantastically motivational. You give awesome tips while remaining exciting and interesting! Not only do you keep it fun, but you give me confidence that one day I too will realize my ideal, sustainable, unconventional lifestyle! Thanks so much for your awesome content.

My name is Ian Robinson and I think I’m ideal for your internship.

Internship Photo: Beer In Hand - Padang Padang Beach - Bonus Points
Beer In Hand - Padang Padang Beach - Bonus Points

Fundamentally, what you guys do is what I want to do:

1. Location Independence

2. Adding Heaps of Value to Businesses and Organizations

3. Having a Kick Ass Time

Here’s what I have to offer you:

I’m 100% no non-sense motivated entrepreneur. Tim Ferriss has been a deep influence on me and I’m trying my damnedest to get some automation in my life! I’m really interested in utilizing the 80/20 Pareto principle and I practice MED (minimum effective dose) as much as possible. I won’t stop in my drive to succeed. My bucket list is pretty intimidating and I gotta keep going or else…

I’ve got experience as a WordPress Developer, plenty of graphic design experience, I’ve earned PPC revenue through Adsense, I got my first affiliate sales check just recently, my blog is young but it’s doing alright and I’ve got a few sub clients that I’m just now starting to help out! Accept me into your program and there will be no hand-holding. I like to kick ass and take names later. Judging from the content of your sites, I’d say this will suit you fellas fine.

I’m on my way up and I’m searching for some solid mentors to help guide me in the right direction. It seems like you guys could be what I’ve been looking for.

For me, this isn’t about spending 4-6 months in the Philippines before going back to a regular life in the USA. I want to do this forever. I want to continue to upscale businesses while remaining location independent until I’m as old as dirt. I want to change the way the world does business.

Why do I want to be an Expat?

I’ve been on the road for the last three years now. Here is my “information slap in the face” of what I’ve been doing all this time:

Road Trip Tour Guide of Mainland USA (LA to Vegas to San Fran to Boston to NYC) – Hitch-Hiking New Zealand – Australian Agriculture (fruit and veggie harvester) – 2010 FIFA World Cup in Cape Town, South Africa (Running a Hospitality Program) – Seat of the pants SCUBA Training in Mozambique – Back to Australian Agriculture (Jackaroo/Cowboy) – Bali Surf Adventure – Hawaii (Renewable Energy Start-up Company/Horseback Tour Guide) – New Zealand (Face to Face fundraising for the WWF)

It’s a long and complicated story but the point of the matter is this: I’m already an expat! I’m already going for it. Over the past three months I’ve been dedicating as much time as possible towards internet marketing. Unfortunately, I haven’t had enough time as I’d like. Take me into your program and I’ll have no more excuses!

YouTube Video

Internship Application Ends Here

To apply for this internship too click here.

Auckland, New Zeland: Elevation Cafe, Dazzling View and Great Food

The best view of Auckland isn’t from SkyCity, it’s from the balcony at Elevation.

The balcony looks out over the Waitakere Ranges Regional Parkland, Auckland City and all of the surrounding harbors. It is absolutely stunning!

It’s far enough out of the city to hear the sounds of native birds and enjoy the lush native bush yet close enough to return to town before the sun goes down. The vastness of the view from the patio seating is difficult to describe.

Now here is an insiders tip. Make a day trip out of it and go for a hike before enjoying a late lunch. Before you visit elevation, first go on a bush walk just down the hill from Elevation. Park your car at the end of Quinns Road and hike to the right past the fence that says “Authorized Personnel Only.” It’s on your right at the end of Quinns Road.

It’s a lovely native bush hike that winds around to the cell phone towers for the Auckland area. Enjoy a tramp through a well established council trail that leads to epic views through lush forests. It’s a real simple hike so all you need is a pair of walking shoes. When you start to get hungry, turn around and go back to your car. I don’t know how far the road goes. If you find out, please comment about it below.

Best of all, you will be the only one out there. You won’t find this hike in any guide books.

After your hike, go enjoy a wicked good feed at Elevation. There address is: 473 Scenic Drive, Waiatarua, Auckland. They do amazing pizzas, pastas and they even do Thai food!

Honestly, this is a fantastic way to spend a day just outside of Auckland.

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Economical Environment: Take Action and Grow a Garden

Economical Environment: Take Action and Grow
Food is Cool

Learning to co-exist with our environment is the great challenge of our generation. The way we are living is unsustainable. If we do not face this problem head on, we will bestow tremendous hardship on future generations.

famine – desertification – flooding – drought – fires – radical temperatures

We can avoid these things! We all must make a conscious effort to become sustainable.

Best of all, It makes economic sense! We do not have to sacrifice comfort and luxury. Below, Pavan Sukhdev explains the economic value of conservation.

Conservation and a vibrant economy are a beautiful pair. Do something today to make your lifestyle more conservative. One way to start moving in the right direction is to grow some of your own food! Below, Roger Doiron discusses the importance of growing your own food.

Taking immediate action will get you there. Anyone can take this action. Below is a great starting point to growing a garden no matter where you live or how much money you’ve got. Watch Britta Riley talk about growing a garden her NYC apartment:

Do it – get excited. This is your call to action.

If Britta can grow food in a NYC apartment, you can grow food wherever you are.

When you decide to take action, TELL ME! I’ll make a separate page for everyone who wants to join the garden movement. Take some action today my friend!

Thanks again for reading. I look forward to hearing from you!

Auckland, New Zealand: The Best Haircut in New Zealand – Free

How shocking! I got the best haircut in New Zealand.

Best of all: it was free.

Here’s the story:

Downtown Auckland has a the most prestigious barber shop (Mr. Barber) in all of New Zealand and it’s on Queen St. All the best barbers in Australasia train here. I was attracted by the advertisement for free haircuts. Being poor and all, I don’t pass up opportunities like these. So I headed to the central business district to take advantage of a free trim.

It’s an enthusiastic barber shop on the busiest street in Auckland. Everyday there are 10+ barbers in training. They are all showing off and trying to impress their barber coaches who are strutting about the room checking everyone’s work. The coaches act like drill instructors telling people they’ve done a crap job or that they aren’t working hard enough. The environment is competitive, high energy and aggressive.

When you arrive they tell you to sit in the corner and wait for a barber in training to select you. You may have to sit there forever.  If you aren’t selected by a barber for whatever reason, you won’t get a haircut.

Luckily, I got selected and some trainee woman went about cutting my hair. She seemed a bit over confident and she didn’t seem to understand what I was after. Luckily, the head barber came over. After looking at my head as if it were a canvas awaiting paint, he said “I’ll take this one,” then he called over the trainee barbers. That’s how my hair became the center of attention for the next 30 minutes.

The barber’s name is Leigh Topham. While he was aggressively cutting my hair, he was explaining the skills to all the surrounding students. He likes to really grab your hair and yank your head around while he drills the surrounding students.

Leigh discusses cutting hair as a sculptor describes a sculpture. He told them that I had a weird shaped head and he told me that my lack of hair product was unacceptable. Hell, he really handled the situation like a wartime general. He had no remorse for anyone’s hurt feelings. It was exciting and a bit intimidating to watch him work.

Clearly, it was an intense half hour. Luckily, my head came out looking excellent. I found out afterwards that Leigh Topham is supposed to be the second best barber in Australasia. Fantastic! The #1 was walking around the room talking to students and so, by default; I got the best haircut in New Zealand, for free.  Yehaw.

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Australia Working Holiday Visa Overview

A working holiday visa (WHV) is a great way to see the world while saving money to see more of the world.  The strength of the Australian dollar and high wages make it possible to travel long after your year is complete.  With Asia right next door, you can travel for two to three times the amount of time you spend working.  If you plan to see the world, it is a great idea to work/travel Australia, save money and continue traveling afterwards.

It’s also a great way to learn skills that you never even anticipated learning.  While in OZ I learned to weld, surf, ride horses, build fences, muster cattle, live at sea, service diesel engines, fix all sorts of things and work farms.  I took the outback approach but you can do anything you wish.  For example:

A friend of mine lived in Sydney.  We visited the Sydney Ballet and he was deeply inspired by the performance.  He earned a rigging certificate (rope work for theaters), became deeply involved in the theater scene and now he is a ballroom dancing coach.  He also learned excellent Batista skills (Australia has excellent coffee shops).

Other friends of mine learned to be bartenders, fishermen, bakers, chefs among others!  This is a great opportunity to find yourself.

While picking apples I was able to make $900 + a week.  They were long hard hours (7:00 – 17:00).  For one weeks wages I was able to live in Bali w/ my girlfriend for an entire month.  In Bali we had a rented scooter, a room overlooking an excellent surf spot (Padang Padang in Bali), surfboard rental, ate out 2-4 times a day and generally did whatever we wanted.