CRUSH IT by Gary Vaynerchuck: This is a Must Read!

Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuck : Move to Democratic BuisinessHave you ever had someone explain a great idea to you? You know what they are talking about, you’ve been thinking of it in a similar way, but when they break it down for you, you get that “AH HA” moment. With Crush It, Vaynerchuck breaks it down.

He excitedly describes whats going on in the new media. He tells of how we are living in the most opportunistic time in history for individuals to promote themselves. Now is the time to do what you love and make a living doing it. The old media system is decomposing as we speak. Newspapers are losing, the record industry is crumbling and people are taking their media consumption to the net. Who wants to own a tower records (are there still tower records around?)

All these big changes are a tremendous opportunities for the everyday person with a serious passion. As these million dollar industry come down, we as young entrepreneurial people, have an amazing opportunity to be able to break free and provide entertainment without the permission of the old system.

I see it like the great compost of the media economy. The old system has been thrown out in the dirt with the worms. Now is the time to get wormy and chew up that old system to make some awesome soil (if you are a gardener, you understand that this is a really positive thing.)

I’m all about traveling the world and being able to work from anywhere. This book cuts deeply with me. There is no way my life can be the same after reading his book.

Vaynerchuck not only explains this, but he inspires action! Action is the most important thing.

Do it. :^)


Think About Building Your Webite Like Building Your Home

When you build a home, you want it to be great for you while you live there.

Building Websites is Like Building Houses
Building Websites is Like Building Houses

You want your home:

  • to look clean and tidy
  • to have lots of natural light (natural beauty)
  • to be something to show to your friends
  • to be productive place when you are there
  • to be a place where you enjoy your time
  • to be close to the things you enjoy

These desires for a home translate directly to your desires for a website.

You want your website:

  • to look clean and tidy
  • to get natural attention from search engines
  • to be something to show to your friends
  • to be a productive place
  • to be a place where you enjoy your time
  • to be linked into websites of things you enjoy

When you move on, you can give it to your kids, or sell it to the next person. The second party will be happy to take it off your hands, and you will be happy to let go of it and move onto your next big project.

This is why high value websites are called web properties.

Auckland, New Zealand: Auckland Domain

The Auckland Museum is packed full of good stuff. Obviously there is a huge, beautiful Marae (pronounced: Moorai) and lots of engaging Maori artifacts.

The bottom floor is dedicated to the people of the pacific (those indigenous to Hawaii, Easter Island and New Zealand.)

The second floor is dedicated to the natural history of the area (oceans, costal areas geological history, biology.) There are some really fun things on this floor like live lizard/bug exhibits, interactive microscope displays and lots of taxidermy. There is also a exhibit for the New Zealand Maori team which has a great video teaching about the huge importance of Ruby in New Zealand.

The third floor is dedicated to New Zealand wars. There are heaps of interesting videos explaining past conflicts and displaying weaponry. You can learn about New Zealand’s participation in the Boer War, imperial war inside New Zealand, WWI, WWII and others. there are beautiful memorials of WWII and armory displays from the old days.

Bottom line, this museum has something for everyone. There are heaps of things to see and do there so set aside a few hours. The place is so packed with interesting exhibits and artifacts that one can easily become overwhelmed with all the information.

If you do get overwhelmed, just go for a stroll. There are beautiful nature walks throughout the domain. It’s very pleasant to just meander around and enjoyed a pause from the hustle of the city.

Make sure to visit the winter garden. There they grow some amazing plants on display in a beautiful old brick and glass building. It’s the most relaxing place I’ve visited in Auckland and I sincerely recommend it.

Budget tip:

Before you go to the Museum, go to the library with a printout of letterhead that says you live in Auckland. You could use a credit card statement or anything really. Just photoshop an Auckland address into the address bar. This takes about 10 minutes of your time and you can get an Auckland library card. With a library card you can rent books, but more importantly, you can visit the Museum for free.

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A Guide to Getting on Your Feet Quick while on an Australian Working Holiday Visa

Touch down in Australia with a decent sum of money.

I landed in Australia with about $6,000 AUD. This small sum dried up really quickly. Everything costs an arm and a leg. From the taxis, to the phone calls, to the cheapest kebab places; everything hemorrhages your money in Australia. Though I could have gotten by with $4,000 AUD, it would have been a challenge and I recommend $5,000 AUD or more.

Buy a Camper-van or a Station-wagon you can sleep comfortably in.

You can find decent deals on backpacker boards. $2,500 to $6,000 will get you a set of keys from a departing backpacker. You can find better deals the farther you go outside of the cities. For example: in the middle of Sydney you will find more sharks looking to offload junky vans on unknowing travelers. In remote areas you can find a deal on the old family station-wagon that the family is offloading because they got a new car.

This might sound like homeless living to anyone who hasn’t lived in Australia, but living on the road is part of the Australian way. There are plenty of free spots to park and sleep along the road. Some provide showers, fresh water and often a push button electric BBQ.  You will be at home in your camper van with other travelers doing the same as you, as well as wit the “grey nomads.”  These are the retired Australians traveling around the country in their camper-vans.

Take good care of your vehicle and sell it at the end of your trip for the same you bought it for.  Spending more on your home on wheels isn’t a bad idea.

Get an Australian Bank Account

Many jobs will want to direct deposit money for you. This is ideal for you anyways because it allows you to stay mobile.

Westpac is the biggest bank in Australia. You can start a no fee checking account:

  • Bring your passport and 2 other forms of ID
  • Bring proof of address – Either that or just get a receipt from a hostel with your name, the hostels address and the date (make sure it is the date you are in the bank getting the account).  You can make a fake proof of address easily, just type something up with that information.

Westpac you can pull your money out for free if you bank with Westpac partners. Check here to see if your country is partners.

Get your Australian Tax File Number (TFN)

Do this as soon as possible.  Click HERE to get started.

YOU ARE AN AUSTRALIAN RESIDENT FOR TAX PURPOSES – Remember this when filling out paperwork for employers.

Set up a Super Annuation Fund

Super is the government mandated savings system for Australians. Your employer is responsible for paying you wages plus 9% to your superannuation fund. The benefit is that you get this money back when you leave Australia. I got $1,000 back 3 months after I landed in Hawaii. That cash was really helpful for the transition to my new home!

Get a phone. I recommend prepaid cell phone sim card and a functional cell phone

Being able to make calls and send texts will be important while you move around Australia. Remember: “your network is your net worth”. Be good to everyone you meet, Australia is a huge country yet a small community. Lots of people know eachother. While looking for cattle station work, we met some Irish friends in Mt. Isa, QLD. We separated ways for 8 months and met again in Perth, WA. This Irish friend helped my friend get a job as a diesel mechanic making $36 an hour (and my friend had no experience as a diesel mechanic).  Knowing people will get you a job far faster than any other attribute.

I prefer prepaid cards because I hardly used my phone for a month when I got heavy into the fruit picking. Often times the orchards are far from town and your phone doesn’t work anyways.

Make a promise not to drink or smoking until you get a job and good income. The prices are so high in Australia that that kind of bad behavior can screw you over.

It’s all too common that backpackers arrive in Australia and spend all their money immediately on booze and smoke. Then the fools have to struggle to get back on their feet. Australian booze is super expensive. Expect to pay $14 for a 6 pack of beer or $46 dollars for a bottle of whiskey. Pouches of tobacco cost nearly $20. Wine is less expensive but is still a waste of resources.

Heed this advice: Australia is a great place to quit drinking and smoking

While looking for work, do something that is free and exciting.

Surfing, kayaking, fishing, horse riding, free diving, hiking are all options that will save your ass. Plus you might get lucky and meet someone that can help you get a good gig.

Set a goal and stick to it

When I landed in Australia in February I set the goal to save $8,000 before I departed for South Africa in May. Even though I didn’t quite get there (spent a bit to much time surfing), the goal really helped me through some of the more miserable days of fruit picking.<

Read this for a bit of motivation.

Get these chores behind you and you will be ready to be employed in Australia.  I struggled with working and doing all these things for months.  Hopefully this will save you some work. 😛

Costs of Affluenza

Costs of Affluenza
Costs of Affluenza

Is our generation still suffering from affluenza?

Being motivated is great, but where are you going? Do you want an enormous house and fancy foreign cars? Do you want a bunch of enviable objects (remote control helicopters, super yachts parked in your back yard dock…)? Are you willing to pay the price?

In order to build that big house, loads of trees need to be cut down, the steel and glass fabrication requires heaps of fuel and raw materials, the paint needs to be synthesized, and the concrete needs to be produced.

Those fancy foreign things needs to be shipped from fancy foreign places.

Every-time you order something and go about acquiring it, you are incurring these unseen environmental costs.

Working for these things means you are choosing to incur these costs.

It’s important that we recognize the costs of the things we want.

Check out this NASA video.

New Zealand Humor: Speed Cooking

It’s All About Speed

I came across this video while in New Zealand. If I’m honest, I still crack up to this day. This think it never grows old.

If you ever forget how to view this video, you can just go to

Enjoy my friends.

Guy on a Buffalo

Every once in a while, something comes along that just brightens your day.

Guy on a Buffalo
Episode #1

Don’t worry, there is more:

Episode #2

Not over yet:

Episode #3

Still going:

Episode #4

Perfect Bali Adventure

This is a guide to an awesome surf adventure in Bali.  Also, this is a skeleton view of my favorite vacation on earth.


  1. Fly into Denpesar (DPS) airport on the island of Bali in Indonesia. Take an official taxi (one with a meter where you can buy your fare from the airport desk) to some hostel or hotel in Kuta or Legian. Warning: When you get out of that airport you will be mobbed by very friendly people willing to carry your bags and take you anywhere you want to go.  Don’t go with them; wait for a taxi.  Arrival in Bali is a beautiful chaotic mess. Use the official taxi to get you to a pre-booked room where you can sleep and gather yourself after that flight.
  2. Enjoy a spell of walking around Kuta or Legian. Go to a market, eat exotic fruit you’ve never seen before, try strange goodies and buy an awesome knockoff. Go to the beach and drink some Bintang. Have a sleep and get out of that mad place. Head towards Padang Padang Beach.
  3. Find a place called Bali Rocks. Bali Rocks is a hard to find spot near the Padang Inn.  There is also a surfer run mexican food restaurant that marks where you need to head towards the cliffs. There are no signs for welcome or stay out.  Walk down the long cobblestone path on the souther side of the building.  Continue down a gravel cliffside road and down the steep stairs. It’s one hell of a staircase so pack light. Make this your home base for at least a week. Bali Rocks is the #1 spot because it is right on the side of a cliff overlooking a perfect long right reef break called “impossibles.” Before you carry all your stuff down there, hike down without your bags and ask about a room. The guy that runs the place is named “Gday.” He’s super nice and he speaks english and russian. He can offer a 2 person room for 12 $US per night.
  4. Enjoy the best time of your life living here. You can eat out for about 2.50 $US per person. Rent a scooter so you can travel all around the place. The longer you rent the scooter, the less it costs. Our scooter ended up costing about 2.00 $US per day. Now you have free fun transport, inexpensive delicious food and a stunning place to live. Millionaires don’t have it this good. We did this for a month and spent about 1,000 $US between the two of us.
  5. One day you’ll probably have to leave. This will be the hardest day of your life. Go back to the airport and enjoy every second before you get back on that plane.  There is no doubt that it will take you to a far less enjoyable place.


This is the blue print you need to live in the most beautiful place in the world. Smile and wave to the Balinese, they will return your smiles with even bigger ones. Drive that scooter everywhere you can. Send me a message and tell me you are there. I’ll be jealous.