The Hidden Beauty of CAPTCHAs

I’m constantly blow away with the complexity of this new world… enter Luis von Ahn:

What a tremendous accomplishment. While we are hesitantly authenticating ourselves as human beings, we are simultaneously developing the power to digitize difficult to read books at an unheard of rate. This is how fast the new smart economy is going to develop. Attention will become a new source of productivity and wealth.

Tiny little fractions of peoples attentions can be harvested from these enormous fields of data to produce real value. If these fractionsattention can be harnessed to digitize books. Don’t you think you can get some incredible value out of your attention?

I urge you to turn off your TV and look into something amazing.

Thanks for reading, please leave a comment if you think this video is inspiring.

Luis von Ahn

CRUSH IT by Gary Vaynerchuck: This is a Must Read!

Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuck : Move to Democratic BuisinessHave you ever had someone explain a great idea to you? You know what they are talking about, you’ve been thinking of it in a similar way, but when they break it down for you, you get that “AH HA” moment. With Crush It, Vaynerchuck breaks it down.

He excitedly describes whats going on in the new media. He tells of how we are living in the most opportunistic time in history for individuals to promote themselves. Now is the time to do what you love and make a living doing it. The old media system is decomposing as we speak. Newspapers are losing, the record industry is crumbling and people are taking their media consumption to the net. Who wants to own a tower records (are there still tower records around?)

All these big changes are a tremendous opportunities for the everyday person with a serious passion. As these million dollar industry come down, we as young entrepreneurial people, have an amazing opportunity to be able to break free and provide entertainment without the permission of the old system.

I see it like the great compost of the media economy. The old system has been thrown out in the dirt with the worms. Now is the time to get wormy and chew up that old system to make some awesome soil (if you are a gardener, you understand that this is a really positive thing.)

I’m all about traveling the world and being able to work from anywhere. This book cuts deeply with me. There is no way my life can be the same after reading his book.

Vaynerchuck not only explains this, but he inspires action! Action is the most important thing.

Do it. :^)


Think About Building Your Webite Like Building Your Home

When you build a home, you want it to be great for you while you live there.

Building Websites is Like Building Houses
Building Websites is Like Building Houses

You want your home:

  • to look clean and tidy
  • to have lots of natural light (natural beauty)
  • to be something to show to your friends
  • to be productive place when you are there
  • to be a place where you enjoy your time
  • to be close to the things you enjoy

These desires for a home translate directly to your desires for a website.

You want your website:

  • to look clean and tidy
  • to get natural attention from search engines
  • to be something to show to your friends
  • to be a productive place
  • to be a place where you enjoy your time
  • to be linked into websites of things you enjoy

When you move on, you can give it to your kids, or sell it to the next person. The second party will be happy to take it off your hands, and you will be happy to let go of it and move onto your next big project.

This is why high value websites are called web properties.

Costs of Affluenza

Costs of Affluenza
Costs of Affluenza

Is our generation still suffering from affluenza?

Being motivated is great, but where are you going? Do you want an enormous house and fancy foreign cars? Do you want a bunch of enviable objects (remote control helicopters, super yachts parked in your back yard dock…)? Are you willing to pay the price?

In order to build that big house, loads of trees need to be cut down, the steel and glass fabrication requires heaps of fuel and raw materials, the paint needs to be synthesized, and the concrete needs to be produced.

Those fancy foreign things needs to be shipped from fancy foreign places.

Every-time you order something and go about acquiring it, you are incurring these unseen environmental costs.

Working for these things means you are choosing to incur these costs.

It’s important that we recognize the costs of the things we want.

Check out this NASA video.

Guy on a Buffalo

Every once in a while, something comes along that just brightens your day.

Guy on a Buffalo
Episode #1

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Steve Jobs is Inspiring

A month ago while chilling on the Coromandel in New Zealand with V I read Steve Jobs by Walter Issacson over the course of three days. He’s just so inspiring! Here he discusses the importance of thinking outside the box:

To get to where I want to go, I’ll have to build great things. No more 10 hour days spending 6 hours wasting time. No more repetitious paperwork. Now I must make my own schedule…

It’s intimidating being on your own and developing your own projects. If I fail, there will be no process to follow and no one to turn to for help. This interview inspired me today:

Jobs is speaking from his NeXT office. NeXT was essentially a big time failure. None-the-less, all that experience he got while running NeXT must have translated into these apple products we are using today. So we are all very fortunate to live with the abundance created from Jobs’s failures. Thanks Steve.

I wrote a blog post about the book earlier. Also, becoming comfortable with failure has been a theme over the last few posts.

So I’ll just keep building things.

Entreprenuer Quote - Chris Ducker

Much Love everyone.

My 2012 Goals

I expect 2012 to be the best year of my life. The last three years have been progressively better and better so this is asking a lot of life. Though my life has been full of adventure, I hope to tone down the madness and unpredictability of the last few years and have a more comfortable 2012. The stress of not knowing where my next bed or meal will come from is growing tiresome.

To join up in the self help crusade of the day: goals need to be SMART. That is, Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. Thats the goal of this post.

This has been a very challenging post to put together because it really forces me to examine what I want and what I’ll need to get there. This post will make me accountable to myself and to all my readers.

At the end of the year I hope to look back on this list and laugh that I was shooting so short.


Earn $2,000 USD a month in passive income.

I’ll create this income through location independent internet projects. This will come through affiliate sales and advertising revenue that I create by making high quality websites that help people make informed decisions.


Podcast: Location Independent Travelers – Interview people that are living really awesome lifestyles

With so many interesting bloggers out there living amazing lifestyles, I’d love to interview them and publicly learn from their success. I think I’ll enjoy the process of setting up a podcast anyways. Talking on a microphone is intimidating and setting this goal gives me butterflies in my guts. I’ve always wanted to rock the mic and this year I will do it.


1,000 unique views/month, a page rank of 3, and 200 facebook likes to my financial freedom blog:

I’ve already set off down a really interesting road towards finding location independent financial freedom. This will allow me to continue traveling around the world while being productive. It’s important that I improve my (and my families) lifestyle. Just being a frugal traveler was great, but I’m ready to transition to a lifestyle of greater abundance.


1,000 unique views/month, a page rank of 3, and 200 facebook likes for my new travel website:

I will tell the story of my last few years. My travels around the USA, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, Bali and Hawaii. These are really interesting and I’d like to get them down. There will be a hint of the fantastic and a drop of fiction involved to keep things interesting. This website will be all about entertaining and inspiring the readers.


Earn my Dive Master PADI Certification

I will earn the Dive Master PADI certification this year. Probably in a really exotic tropical area.


Study and practice a martial art

By the end of the year I will have firm background in at least one form of martial art (capoiera, mano mano, kung fu, military submission, ect.)


Travel to 5 new countries

The travels and adventures must keep rolling in! Thats what I need to stay happy!


I will learn to speak another language conversationally this year

Any language is ok. To achieve this, I’ll have 3 metrics: I must be able to ask for, and receive directions, have a casual chat about the weather, economy and family and be able to bargain for a better price.


Take my Dad on a Helicopter Skiing Trip

This will be a all expenses paid trip on my bill. A way to say thanks for the incredible life he has provided me with.


Go for a heroic horseback trek with my Mom

I’ve got the best mom in the world and we both love riding horses together.


Spend December 29th 2012 in the United States with Veronica under full and proper legal status through the United States government. Make 2012 the best year of her life too.

Homeland Security, National Visa Center, US Consulate in Australia/New Zealand, Chicago Lockbox. Let us work together this year!