Digital Internship Reality Show – I made the Top 5

You may be interested to learn that I applied to be Chris Ducker’s first Intern.

Virtual Internship Chris and Ian

I’m excited to announce that I have made it to the last round!

Check out all the videos from the other wildly talented people in the hunt to spend a year building businesses in the Philippines.

Most of all, PLEASE COMMENT on the blog post!

Seriously people, comment on Chris’s blog and vehemently tell him who he should choose from the videos! He is a great guy and will be happy to publish your comments.

It’s like a geeky-business-enthusiast-travel reality show!

Much Love,


MoPD 21: Plus! Finding the top – Ramit Sethi and Lifestyle Change

Te Whau Scenic

This weekend Veronica and I went to Waiheke Island with some really lovely friends. These two are doing well as professionals and they enjoy a different lifestyle than us. They treated us to a day in their lives.Te Whau Winery

This was a marvelous shock to my system. We enjoyed exceptional food, unique delicious wine in one of the most scenic restaurants I’ve ever visited. This experience was a fantastic shock to my system. Luxury living is pretty bad-ass!

Te Whau Food

While sipping that exotic rose overlooking the beautiful bays of Wieheke Island, I came to a realization; I’ve been scrounging through life for a long time now. This scrounging was by choice. I wanted a life of frugal global travel. Jack Kerouac, hawaiian subsistence surfers and cowboy culture was all that inspired me so picking fruit, scavenger surf life and mustering cattle was exactly what I was shooting for. I’m very proud of attaining these bizarre lifestyles.

Te Whau Bar

Now, I’ve grown tired of the struggle inherent in that lifestyle choice. I’ve been exploring a more luxurious lifestyle. This morning, Ramit Sethi kicked my tail with this webinar. It’s an hour long description of how to find a dream job.

Everything he says makes perfect sense and I don’t know why I didn’t think this stuff up on my own. I’ve had an “Ah-Ha” moment.

In honor of that post, I’ve decided to test an assumption I have about my expat life in Auckland. My assumption:

In order to work in a professional digital marketing firm in Auckland, New Zealand, you must be a Kiwi or someone planning to dedicate years to the firm. They won’t even consider someone like me so I should explore labor or trucking to get by until I can return to the USA.

Ramit mentioned questioning your assumptions and writing them down. Now that I’ve written this one down, it seems much less assertive. Actually, it seems ridiculous.

  • What happens when I get back to the US and tell the new firm that I couldn’t get a job in Auckland? Why they will ask, Because I assumed I couldn’t get one? Thats pretty lame
  • Is there any reason to think that I can’t help these guys? It’s not like I don’t know what I’m doing right?

So I’m going to be dissecting this assumption over the next week. While breaking down this assumption, I also expect to learn a thing or two about digital marketing in Auckland. I’ll learn about problems in the industry, the way they operate and if it’s an enjoyable life.

Ideally, I’ll end up with a high paying position helping these companies kick ass in digital marketing that I can continue to help after I leave Aotearoa.

At the very least, I’ll learn that I’m not interested in digital marketing.

🙂 More on this later.

Much love,


MoPD 16: Praying Mantis on the Recylcing Bin & Che-Fu

Grasshopper on Recycling

Close up of New Zealand Grasshopper
You want some awesome Kiwi music? Here ya go:

I used to think Che-Fu was a Hawaiian. On Oahu he gets so much play that I just expected that he was Hawaiian. He’s got the Hawaiian look.

But he is definitely Kiwi. You can hear it in his voice in this video. Pure Kiwi.

Love it. I heard he lives up the road from where I took this grasshopper photo. Anyone know anything about that?