Lack of Control and Life Changing Events

Big Picture Thinking
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The other night I spoke on Skype with a seriously motivational character in the virtual entrepreneur world, Chris Ducker. I’ve been fortunate enough to have been selected from nearly 50 applicants to be his right hand man in the Philippines over the next few months or years.

Our conversation went really well. As I anticipated, Chris is tremendously inspirational and easy to talk to. He also has the ability to ask razor sharp questions that put me on the spot. I enjoyed our conversation and I’m of the impression that it went really well.

When I pressed that red phone button to hang up the Skype, it was all over. I thought to myself, “the next thing I hear will either be, congratulations – buy a plane ticket or thanks for your time – blah blah blah“.

This immediately started weighing on me and I felt crap about not knowing what to do. Then I started looking around.

I found another opportunity to apply for the Worlds Most Awesome Job. Then I applied to work with Better Place because I was inspired by Shai Agassi. Then I found another opportunity to work in SE Asia in telesales. Not to mention, as soon as V and I are allowed back into the USA I’m excited to develop eFOG (the bio-fuel company in Hawaii) again. I also checked my internet marketing stuff and my audiences and Google ranks are growing. I’ve come to to conclusion that opportunities are endless.

I’m not longer stressed about the situation. Working in the Philippines with a hero of mine is probably the greatest thing I can imagine right now, but if he picks any of the other fantastic people trying to work with him, I’ll continue to Crush It on my own.

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