KISS Breakdown of Podcast Potential

KISS = Keep It Simple Stupid

I’ll give you 4 unique podcasts and explain what they do that is interesting.


1. Lifestyle Business Podcast 

  • Conventional Radio Style Show
  • Provides specific actionable information for business owners (specifically those that want to be web based)
  • They act as personal-like characters
  • The podcast is broken into sections which are uniform across all episodes

2. Duncan Trussell Family Hour

  • Very Unconventional
  • Focus on entertainment, humor, spiritualism futurist ideas and creativity
  • Bizarre approach to advertising
  • Adds un-predictable elements (e.g. old music, 15 minutes of buddhist chanting, strange voice effects)


3. BlogCast FM with Srinivas Rao

  • Other examples of this style are: Mixergy and Rise to the Top
  • Interview Only format
  • Mostly actionable business/blogging advice

4. This American Life

  • This is probably the highest quality podcast available
  • Fascinating stories with artistic articulation
  • This is pure entertainment podcasting
  • Excellent sound and production

As you can see, the formats for podcasting are wide open. The Podcast is a blank canvas for your ears. These shows are making real money on their own. If you have something you want to drive traffic to (e.g. a service, business or product) this medium is a great opportunity. Just from working in the Philippines I saw the numbers roll in each time we published a podcast.

Want to Get Involved?

Want to publish a podcast or join a podcasting network? Please send me a blurb of what you want your show to be about, and what you need to make it happen.

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