Adventures of Justin

Photo credit Sterling Taylor

This week we’ve got a rock star on the show.

He evolved into a startup savant.
He’s also become a world traveling survivalist.
Learn more about him on his blog Adventures of Justin.

Introducing, the one and only, Justin Alexander.

“I got to the point where I was free to live the life that I wanted.” – Justin Alexander

Travel Topics:

  • What jobs Justin worked prior to traveling
  • Ideas for lifestyle change and travel decisions a la Justin
  • How to develop a passive income large enough to cover living expenses
  • Justin’s first travel experiences after leaving his job
  • Purpose and love for survival training
  • The experience of starring in an international rock band
  • What it’s like being a dedicated kickboxer
  • How to become a Buddhist monk
  • How to select favorite countries
  • Finding inspiration to keep traveling
  • Thoughts on settling down

“Traveling solo is important to be whoever you want to be.” – Justin Alexander

NOTE: Since recording this interview, I met Justin in Chiang Mai. Here’s a video of that day:

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