Luxurious Housesitting Lifestyle & Firing Fantastic Bosses with the Globetrotter Girls

Leaving high paying city jobs isn’t easy.

Especially if your plan is to travel indefinitely.

But leaning into uncertainty is the first step in living THE dream.

Having lived the location independent lifestyle for years these two girls have specific steps to save you money.

Welcome Dani and Jess, The Globetrotter Girls.

“The idea that you can run your own business from your laptop and travel the world is the ultimate goal.” – Globetrotter Girls (Tweet It)

Travel Topics:

  • Deciding to leave high paying jobs for nomadic freelancing
  • Dealing with a quarter life crisis
  • Why housesitting is the best way to travel the world and build a business that you love
  • How to hack classy accomodation, pools, jacuzzis & workspace
  • Tips on running an online businesses while you travel the world
  • World traveler time management
  • Should I Start a Travel Blog?
  • Travel is not as expensive as you think
  • Why slow travel is the best way to see the world

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