Rainy Walk in Foster City, California

The other day I bought a Canon 70D. Today I went on a walk with it. Here’s a selection of the photos I took:

The 70D was purchased primarily for shooting video, but I wanted to see how I liked it for still shots.

The RAW files I get from shooting with the 70D are CRW filet type. I haven’t figured out how to edit them with my version of Photoshop.

Because I can’t work in lossless filetypes with the 70D, I’m not a huge fan of today’s work.

It was a really, really rainy day. I saw two people walking even though I walked for what seemed like two hours.

I listened to two really really good podcasts while on the walk. Both where products of James and his podcast The James Altucher Show.

The first podcast was with Scott Adams. The focus was on persuasion and Donald Trump’s use of persuasion during  the campaign.

It’s not political. It’s about persuasion and seduction. Very interesting stuff from Scott.

The second was with Steven Pressfield. It was about doing one’s life work and the art of telling stories. Both conversations were fascinating.

If I was pressed to pick which episode I liked best, I’d pick the Pressfield episode.

All in all, this is a great way to spend the afternoon. Walking, listening to interesting ideas and creating some art. I needed to clear my head from working all morning on a drop-shipping store.

There is a lot of beauty out there.

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