Outside the Box Dropshipping Niche Creation Ideas

I would love to see a strategy on finding less commonly thought of niches for DropShipping businesses… Here’s a list of 10 ideas that might be ‘thinking outside the box’:

Potential Tools For Developing Niche Ideas:

  1. Google Autofill – For example, I type in ‘Motorcy’ and google auto fills ‘motorcycle helmets’ and ‘motorcycles for sale’ This might be worth trying for something you’re interested in.
  2. Trending eBay stuff – http://www.ebay.com/cln– eBay is going to be a treasure trove, but how to boil it down? Perhaps digging through what’s trending right now…
  3. CraigsList stuff for Sale – Perhaps we could sort Craigslist based upon price. I’m thinking Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston or New York craigslist would be good and see if something is coming up and working. If people could sell second-hand goods for a reasonable price, maybe you could find the deal that offers new stuff. Then you could advertise on CraigsList too.
  4. Watch Reality TV – I’m guessing the upper-middle-class folks probably watch reality TV so if we watch an episode of Ted Nugent’s Gun Country, maybe we see some of the stuff that these people like to buy and use (I really don’t like reality TV so this is an abhorrent idea to me… but maybe it’ll work for someone reading this.)
  5. Alibaba – I don’t know this site well, but there is lots of opportunity to look for products… but also to read success stories. Perhaps if you find a story of a Chinese guy who crushed it with a product in China or some other country, you could check that product competition in the USA. If the USA guys aren’t doing it well, you might have identified a good niche!  < Ali Baba success stories = http://news.alibaba….uccessStory.htm >
  6. Reddit – I just did a quick search on Reddit for “can’t find” – Here are 2 examples:      https://www.reddit.com/r/EtsyAddicts/     |      https://www.reddit.com/r/wherecanibuythis/
  7. Google Keyword Research Tool – I’m having a hard time getting Google to feed me millions of great ideas… but there must be way to get google to tell us a list of what people are searching for.
  8. Country specific classified ads – For example GumTree.com.au is Australia’s version of CraigsList. Clasificadosonline.com is the one in Puerto Rico. You can sort by price across lots of other items. What are some other countries with country-specific classifieds?
  9. What events do you love? – I like going to BurningMan so I started thinking about the cool stuff people have there. LED Poi is an idea worth thinking about. Do you go to any festivals? What sort of stuff is there that people might work?
  10. Ask your friends who like stuff like this – I just asked my friend what she thought and she told me an idea that I’m almost certainly going to put on the short list.

Hope this helps team. Please feel free to come up with your own list of 10 ideas for niche creation and share it down below. :D Pay it forward. Huzzah

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