Digital Internship Reality Show – I made the Top 5

You may be interested to learn that I applied to be Chris Ducker’s first Intern.

Virtual Internship Chris and Ian

I’m excited to announce that I have made it to the last round!

Check out all the videos from the other wildly talented people in the hunt to spend a year building businesses in the Philippines.

Most of all, PLEASE COMMENT on the blog post!

Seriously people, comment on Chris’s blog and vehemently tell him who he should choose from the videos! He is a great guy and will be happy to publish your comments.

It’s like a geeky-business-enthusiast-travel reality show!

Much Love,


8 Replies to “Digital Internship Reality Show – I made the Top 5”

  1. Ian is the shizznamo! Plus, he influenced myself and many other people to get out and enjoy the globe… Go Ian!

  2. Hello Chris!

    My name is Lauren Robinson and I live in Reno, NV. I am Ian Robinson’s little sister, and am so proud to hear he made it to your top 5!! I am here to promise you that he is the best for the job.

    My brother has the kind of life I would love to publish a story about. Since high school, he has found a way to travel and work to support himself in different countries around the world. He has worked with building contractors, on horse ranches, ships, on farms, and, since discovering your material, has spent a lot of time in the blog world on the internet to develop his site, His site informs readers about travel, great books, adventures, and all sorts of things. In Hawaii he lived and worked on a campsite for a non-profit and learned how to turn restaurant waste into fuel that ran his car!!!

    When my brother sets his mind to anything, he gets it done. He is so passionate about life and so dedicated to whatever his cause is. Throughout my life, he has been one of the biggest influences to try new things and push the limits. He is a spectacular person. Plus he is a talented musician, so when you are spending tons of time with him, expect some great original music when you want a break from all the hard work!

    It’s obvious that I support him and vote for him because we share blood and a last name, but my support goes farther than just being a sibling. I really believe if there is anyone in the world that can accomplish anything, it is my brother, and I believe you are looking for someone that takes on the world just as he has always done.

    Thanks for your time, and good luck choosing!!!

  3. Ian Robinson is a great asset to any new business endeavor he applies himself to, congratulations for attracting him!

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