Costs of Affluenza

Costs of Affluenza
Costs of Affluenza

Is our generation still suffering from affluenza?

Being motivated is great, but where are you going? Do you want an enormous house and fancy foreign cars? Do you want a bunch of enviable objects (remote control helicopters, super yachts parked in your back yard dock…)? Are you willing to pay the price?

In order to build that big house, loads of trees need to be cut down, the steel and glass fabrication requires heaps of fuel and raw materials, the paint needs to be synthesized, and the concrete needs to be produced.

Those fancy foreign things needs to be shipped from fancy foreign places.

Every-time you order something and go about acquiring it, you are incurring these unseen environmental costs.

Working for these things means you are choosing to incur these costs.

It’s important that we recognize the costs of the things we want.

Check out this NASA video.

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