MoDP 3: Getting out for a surf

Muriwai beach has become my new surf spot. I get to surf on the weekends when the conditions are right. These trips out west keep me fascinated with life. It’s incredibly beautiful out here. The black sand beaches and the gannet colony. Surfing is just such a fantastic journey:

  • I pack up the gear, food and water
  • Listen to interesting Podcast on the way out there.
  • I park and blast The Black Keys while gearing up
  • Tie the car key to my wetsuit and play in the water for a few hours
  • Repeat process backwards

The enormity of the coast adds to it’s captivating feel. When I get out past the wave break, I look back towards the shore and I’m utterly awestruck with the beauty of this New Zealand place.

MoDP 2: Western Park – Ponsonby Auckland

Western Park Auckland

Western Park Auckland
I always walk to work. Walking isn’t the quickest or the most efficient way to go. It generally takes me 25 to 30 minutes and it’s an indirect path. I have to walk around the infrastructure for the cars. The motorway, the stop lights, the dead heaps of black asphalt dominating the path. Walking is the slowest way for me to get to work. But on the way back, I take a left down Ponsonby and walk through this park. This is Western  Park. This is my favorite part…

MoDP 1: Prison in New Zealand: Jailed

Mt Eden Corrections Facility 2

Living a freedom lifestyle has its ups and downs. It’s an all too common fate, and when the time comes, you just have to buck up and bear it.

Hello new home…

Mt Eden Corrections Facility
Mt Eden Corrections Facility

Just kidding. I’m not in jail. I just walked by this jail today. I took this photo on Boston road from across the train tracks.

I’m kicking off a month of daily photos (MoDP.) I’ll be taking photos of the things around me here in Auckland. All for you beautiful people to enjoy.

Love ya,