MoPD 16: Praying Mantis on the Recylcing Bin & Che-Fu

Grasshopper on Recycling

Close up of New Zealand Grasshopper
You want some awesome Kiwi music? Here ya go:

I used to think Che-Fu was a Hawaiian. On Oahu he gets so much play that I just expected that he was Hawaiian. He’s got the Hawaiian look.

But he is definitely Kiwi. You can hear it in his voice in this video. Pure Kiwi.

Love it. I heard he lives up the road from where I took this grasshopper photo. Anyone know anything about that?

MoPD 9: Permanent Nomad Mobile

Permanent New Zealand Nomad Mobile 1

What you can’t see in the photo above, is the vast Tasman Sea that¬†stretches¬†across the background horizon, which happens to be in the background of this guys home…

Since I kicked off this month of blogging with a photo every day, I’ve¬†repeatedly¬†seen amazing things each day. This project is not on my mind, nagging me; it’s just on deck, laying in wait. Everyday I stop and see something amazing, something I’d like to share. After work today I escaped out west to Muriwai Beach for a surf.

When I got there, I parked next to the ultimate nomad mobile.

Permanent New Zealand Nomad Mobile 2

I spoke with the guy who owned it. He is (as expected) a very relaxed and friendly guy. His eyes were bloodshot from having surfed all day. He tells me that he makes a living in making crafts. He says the truck used to be a refrigeration truck so it stays very warm at night and retains it’s cool during the day.¬†He even has a wood burning stove.

Permanent Nomad Mobile 3

Inside there is a queen mattress and a king seat. This specific temporary home location, allows him to sit in his living room couch (a really comfortable couch) and look out over the sea.



Also, I love these guys: