Hiking Bastimentos Island – Old Bank to Wizard Beach to Red Frog Beach

This is my best attempt at documenting a fun hike we took. We set out from Old Bank a neighborhood on the west end of Bastimentos island in Bocas Del Toro Panama. We walked a mile to a beach called Wizard Beach (AKA First Beach). We walked down Wizard Beach and through some jungle to reach Red Frog Beach.

Here are some photographs of the journey. If you’re interested in a video, that will be visible after the photographs.

IMPORTANT: This is the exact route where a US woman was murdered in 2017. This trail is lawless and not recommended for single travelers (article 1, article 2,  article 3).



Gardnerville Skateboard Park

I think the Gardnerville skateboard park is the best skate park in Nevada. If you want directions, Google has this map. Here are some photos:

This is bigger than it looks.

For a post skateboard drink, it’s fun to visit Nevada’s oldest bar. Since you’re all the way out in Gardnerville, you might as well check out this gem.

Reno Walking Commute – Apt to Office

This is the view from the apartment.

The hallway leading from the apartment to the elevator.

The view from the elevator entryway.

The elevator has mirrors in it.

This is the sidewalk in front of the apartment.

A bridge that crosses a part of the Truckee River.

A Truckee river duck.

Another view of a Truckee river duck.

The office is a two block walk from the river.

The stairway leading to the office.

Finally made it. She let me in.