Sean Ogle: The Location Rebel who Builds Businesses that Can Be Run From Anywhere on Earth

Dreaming of quitting the high paying 9-5 job?

Our next guest proposed a remote work agreement and received his resignation papers in exchange.

Now he runs his own business and lives where and how he desires.

He shares his lifestyle with the world.

Please welcome the Location Rebel, Sean Ogle.

“People are getting more creative with businesses they create. It’s sort of the best of all worlds.” – Sean Ogle  (Tweet It)

Travel Topics:

  • Sean’s transition from portfolio analyst to Location Rebel
  • Agreeing to move to Thailand to work with Dan Andrews
  • The story of building a profitable blog
  • The value of giving back with a location independent business
  • Why the a selfish investment in lifestyle can lead to greater impact
  • Sean Ogle’s favorite places in the world
  • Reminiscing over the magnificence of Bali, Indonesia
  • Bali vs. Thailand – Starting a business and designing a lifestyle
  • The evolution of Location Independent hotspots
  • How Sean is making playing the Top 100 Golf Courses in the USA into a business exercise
  • The abundance of entrepreneurial solutions to be capitalized on
  • All the other lovely stuff

Three steps to becoming a Location Rebel:

  1. Build relevant skills – Basic Copywriting, SEO Basics, WordPress
  2. Freelance that skill
  3. Apply the skills you master to your own project

“Instead of complaining about what’s wrong, always look for problems so that you can provide answers for people.” – Sean Ogle (Tweet It)

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  • Connect with Sean:

Personal Site | Location Rebel | Twitter

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Take Action:

Do you love toasters? If so, we’re sorry about all the negative toaster talk. But hey, you’ve got amazing potential as an affiliate blogger so maybe this is a turning point in your entrepreneurial career.

Thank you for listening. Comment below and tell us something you’re going to put to action from listening to Sean.

Mark Manson: Russia, Vulnerability, Purpose and the Long Term Travel Lifestyle

Choosing entrepreneurship is an adventure in itself.

Choosing entrepreneurship and travel is an extra challenge.

Mark Manson did both.

His story involves massive struggle, but the other side of it is hugely rewarding.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Mark Manson.

“It’s really hard to start your own business period.” – Mark Manson  (Tweet It)

Travel Topics:

  • The psychological challenges of solo entrepreneurship
  • Seeing down times as opportunities
  • What if I really went for it?
  • Seeing entrepreneurship as a long term investment in ones-self
  • His journey into the Long Term Travel Lifestyle
  • Profiting while traveling in Europe
  • Reaching Escape Velocity
  • What it’s like learning to love living in Russia
  • Why living in new countries shifted his perspective of masculinity and femininity

“It’s really hard to build something online that people feel invested in & are willing to pay for.” – Mark Manson (Tweet It)

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Website | Facebook | YouTube | Twitter

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How has this interview effected you? Leave a comment below.

Shannon O’Donnell: A Little Adrift, Travel and Grassroots Volunteering

She realised that her online web marketing business enabled her to work anywhere in the world.

So she bought a one way ticket to Australia.

Through travel she discovered the desire and drive to help grassroots social enterprises all over the world.

She went on to become a National Geographic Traveller of the Year!

Welcome A Little Adrift star, Shannon O’Donnell.

“You can make it happen if you live from the place where it can happen.” – Shannon O’Donnell (Tweet It)

Travel Topics:

  • National Geographic Traveller of the Year
  • The desire to help travellers support local social enterprises while travelling
  • Travel and Grassroots Volunteering
  • Going to Australia – first travelling experience
  • Problems of running a business on the road
  • Travelling in SE Asia for 6 months with her 6th grade niece
  • How travel has given her the platform to discover what she wants to do

Lovely Links:

A Little Adrift | Twitter | Facebook

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Take Action:

Traveling is stepping into the unknown, the anticipation can be fearful. Accepting that and doing it anyway empowers you.

FoxNoMad: Tech Tips, the NSA and Cyber Security for Travelers

A computer whizz.

With a love for travel.

Managed to marry the two and create a successful business.

Helping travelers with their tech problems.

Writing about the fascinating places that his path crosses.

Say hello to Anil Polat, the FoXnoMad.

“When people ask me ‘”What can I do to be able to travel?'” I say whatever you are talented & passionate about & go from there.” – FoxNoMad (Tweet It)

Travel Topics:

  • FoxNoMad tells us his opinion on the Edward Snowden case and how laws are not keeping up with modern technology
  • We get tech tips and computer security tips which are particularly useful to travelers
  • Why your computer should reflect you as a person
  • How he managed to maintain and grow his business to allow for his traveler lifestyle
  • Meeting the women of Yemen and understanding their life aspirations
  • Embracing the vulnerability that is given to us through travel
  • The misconceptions of being a location independent worker
  • Why travel gives us a deeper understanding of people
  • Why Eastern Europe is the way to go

Lovely Links:

  • Connect with Anil:

Fox Nomad | Twitter

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Take Action:

What would you consider to be your unique skills and passions?  Can you think of a way that you would be able to use these skills to become location independent, especially given the faster and better available internet.

Lord Hickey: Crossing South America on a Tuk Tuk in Teletubby Suits

4 romper suits.

7 countries.

No equipment.

No luggage.

No names.

Nothing sensible.

Please welcome, Lord Hickey.

“Sensible? We certainly don’t do sensible!” – Lord Hickey (Tweet It)

Travel Topics:

  • The adventures of Crossing South America on a Tuk Tuk in Teletubby Suits
  • Raising money for charity whilst having fun
  • Sweet talking a thief into getting passports back
  • Negotiating cliff edge road in Boliva
  • Character building moments in the Andes

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Take Action:

Have you ever had a crazy travelling idea?  Write it down and then come up with a list of things you need to be able to do it.  Don’t be too sensible-remember, most of the fun is in the things that aren’t planned!

Kat Dugas: One Girl Solo Bikes Around Thailand and Work Travels Australia

She went to South East Asia.

She bought herself a bike.

She travelled around Thailand.

She built houses from mud in Burma.

Now she is travel working in Australia.

Planning her next adventure.

Welcome, Kat Dugas.

“Thailand is a paradise of a country for bike travelling.” – Kat Dugas (Tweet It)

Travel Topics:

  • Traveling around Thailand by bike
  • Female solo traveling
  • Thailand on a budget
  • To fold or not to fold… Best bikes for traveling Thailand
  • Brick building near Burma
  • Staying at the homes of locals
  • The mechanics of an Australian Working Holiday Visa
  • Changing your life by traveling and living abroad
  • How she Work Travels Australia

Lovely Links:

Travel Tools:

  • Check out Love Space – A conscious community space for the cultivation of creative expression, yoga, workshops, classes, music, group activities, meditation and gift exchange.
  • is a great bike Podcast
  • Connect with other couchsurfing bike travelers on

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Special Note:

Kat also sent us this after the show:

“Right after I hung up I realised, dang I should have told a story about that website! I didn’t use it on my trip but hosted four French bike travelers in Melbourne through it, awesome guys who are doing a 3 year around the world journey. English Solid Dream are very inspiring guys who even incorporated some crazy things like sailing to Antarctica and kite-biking across the outback on their trip. The four of them reminded me exactly of another group of male friends that I have, 4 American guys who were about to take off on a trip through Australia that I convinced to do it by bike (met them hiking the grand canyon) and they also stayed with me on their way through Melbourne! You can find them here on Facebook.

Take Action:

Do you have any ‘crazy’ travel ideas? Write them down and then do some research from other people who have had similar ideas to see how possible they actually are.

Will Peach: Shifting Away from Gonzo Road Life

He thought he wanted a life of travel.

So he created a way of doing it.

This taught him a lot about himself.

He discovered that life is forever changing.

He found the importance of being true to himself in following his dreams.

Say hello to our next guest, Will Peach.

“Life is a constant process of evolution, it’s a journey and nothing is permanent.” – Will Peach (Tweet It)

Travel Topics:

  • Not leaving university and going straight into a 9-5 graduate job
  • Funding yourself in becoming location independent
  • Psychological and social challenges of travelling
  • Travel blogging and entrepreneurship-seeing a gap
  • Using the internet to work effectively
  • When is the time to settle down?
  • Doing what is important to you at that time
  • Embracing change and transition

Lovely Links:

Website | The Gonzo Traveller | Twitter | YouTube

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  • Breath by Telepopmusik
  • Boa Sorte by Vanessa De Mata remixed by Brizi & David Gueta

Take Action:

Think about what you really would like to be doing in your life.  Is it what you are doing right now?  If not how could you adapt your situation to enable to you be fulfilled?

Antonio Graceffo: From the Dust of 9/11 NYC to the Shaolin Temple

He went from a military career to a successful job in finance.

Until he realised he didn’t truly know those around him.

A pivotal moment made him re-evaluate what was important in life.

So he dug out his teaching diploma.

And went to follow his dreams.

Training at the Shaolin temple & building a new life as a martial arts anthropologist in Asia.

Here is The Brooklyn MonkAntonio Graceffo.

“That hot dog cart is going to be the last thing I see before I die.” – Antonio Graceffo (Tweet It)

Travel Topics:

  • Surviving the national guard, navy & merchant marine
  • Using his military background to get to university
  • Going to university for free in Germany
  • Becoming a homeless finance worker in New York City
  • How the near death experience of 9/11 put things into perspective
  • The awe-inspiring experience of training in the Shaolin Temple
  • Living abroad is a more fulfilling experience than being a tourist

Lovely Links:

Speaking Adventure | Twitter | Facebook | Youtube

  • Antonio reporting on the Refugees in Shan State, Burma:

Travel Tools:

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Take Action:

What skills and qualifications do you have?  How would you be able to use these skills to live or travel abroad?

Johnny Ward: From a Medical Research Lab Test Subject to a New Rich World Traveler

From a poor family in Ireland to an enterprising business.

With no technical knowledge.

This successful entrepreneur builds teams to grow his own businesses.

All the while enjoying the long term travel lifestyle.

Please welcome, Johnny Ward.

“Being broke is not an issue. There’s always a way.” – Johnny Ward  (Tweet It)

Travel Topics:

  • Money making as a medical research lab test subject
  • How Johnny managed to backpack for 2-3 years on little or no income
  • Why 99% of travellers give up and go back home
  • Johnny’s moment of realisation of how he wanted his life to be
  • How to grow a technical business, without technical skills
  • How to outsourcing works
  • Why being broke is powerful
  • How his passion got him to where he is today…. The New Rich World Traveler

Lovely Links:

  • Connect with Johnny:

Onestep4ward | Twitter | Facebook

Travel Tools:

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Take Action:

Write down a list of skills you can teach.

Now look at what tuition opportunities are in your local neighborhood.

Is this something you could earn a living from abroad?

If not, whats a better idea?

Let us know in the comments below.

How to Hitchhike the South Pacific with Ben Owen

He left the UK with about $1,000.

To this day he is still living out his dream.

He’s got a blueprint for sailing the world.

It doesn’t cost much at all.

Please welcome the great sailor, Ben Owen.

“8:00 a.m. is the Sailors Midnight.” – Ben Owen (Tweet It)

Travel Topics:

  • How Ben moved to New Zealand with $1K
  • An expert description of the Bay of Islands, New Zealand
  • How Avatar was inspired by the beauty you see there
  • How to sail the world inexpensively
  • Tips for finding the best boat and crew out of The Bay of Islands
  • Best practices to follow before setting sail with someone new
  • Essentials of sailing from New Zealand to Fiji
  • The importance of having an idea on maintaining boats
  • Financial safety nets for sailing the world on the cheap
  • Lifestyle notes for life at sea
  • Navigating immigration problems on the high sea
  • Why to Bring Science, Math and History Textbooks to the Solomon Islands
  • Sailing into New Guinea
  • Exploring Darwin, Australia with Crocodiles
  • Shout out to Lisa and Erik from Tasmania
  • Crazy fishing stories from Northern Australia
  • The value of traveling with a First Aid kit
  • How to catch fish while you sleep
  • What troubles to expect with immigration when sailing into Bali
  • The whole trip was $4,000 including flights
  • How to Hitchhike the South Pacific

Lovely Links:

  • Want to go on the boat trip we discuss at the beginning of the show? Check out The Rock
  • Want to Go Where Ben Did? (In order of Discussion)

Pihia | Opua | Fiji | Vanuatu | Luganville | Santa Cruz Islands |

| Honiara | New Guinea | Darwin | Bali | Queenstown |

Facebook | E-mail

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Take Action:

Do you ever dream of sailing the world?

Do you think you’d be willing to take on an adventure like the one Ben did?