Alan Perlman: A World Traveling Cost of Living Analyst finds The Holy Grail

He’s travelled to over 60 countries.

Researching the cost of living.

The Indiana Jones of the Internet World.

Give it up for, Alan Perlman.

“Fortune favors the bold!” – Alan Perlman (Tweet It)

Travel Topics:

  • How he became A World Traveling Cost of Living Analyst
  • The magic of getting off the beaten track
  • Why human connections fuel his long term travels
  • An expert’s opinion on the best places according to cost/lifestyle ratio
  • Leveraging travel experiences and a blog into a career
  • How spare time in travel (waiting for visas, bribing officials) helped him through his Personal MBA
  • Running on adrenaline and shooting from the hip – how dealing with unusual situations rocketed his professional goals
  • Living out an Indiana Jones fantasy: seeing the temple of the Holy Grail in Petra, Jordan

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