Blue Apron Reviews | Cajun Catfish and Spiced Rice

There are a lot of Blue Apron reviews out there. I believe this one captures the essence of what it means to subscribe to Blue Apron.

Getting a big box of delicious food and 3 recipes that you’ve probably had no experience cooking is not easy. This is not a fast way to eat.

Beautiful Vegetables from Blue Apron Review


It’s an exercise in creating slow, beautiful food art. If you decide to order, you’ll learn a lot about food, ingredients and cooking excellent meals. If you’re trying to save yourself time, it might be better to go with something else.

I think of my Blue Apron subscription as a school in a box.

Click here to get three free meals. You can cancel the day your first box arrives if you decide it’s not a good fit for you. Canceling is very easy via their platform. I actually planned on canceling and just getting the meals, but I’m going to keep it up now.

Blue Apron Reviews

The most important thing to know if you’re deciding to give Blue Apron a try is what it’s like to create the dishes. Think of it like a cooking school in a box. The process of creating these dishes is not easy. It takes though and innovation, but the end result really is delicious.

How to Cook Collard Greens - Blue Apron Review

Blue Apron is About Learning

Here’s my favorite thing looking back at the experience now: I learned a lot! That is a huge positive. I had never used apple cider vinegar to cook in the past. Next time I cook any sort of thick, leafy greens, I know it’s great to break them up with a little vinegar. I didn’t read that anywhere, I learned it not because the recipe said it was a good idea, but because I followed the recipe and now intrinsically understand what vinegar does to collared greens.

How to Chop Collard Greens - Blue Apron Reviews

Cooking time aside, a Blue Apron membership does save time in the overall cooking process. If I were to go out searching for all these ingredients at a supermarket, I would probably just give up and get something more simple.

Video on How to Cook Fish - Blue Apron Reviews

Neither my wife or I had ever eaten catfish before! While cooking, I didn’t even try it because I was so focused on not screwing the cooking part up. So when we sat down, we were quite surprised at how delicious the fish was.

Blue Apron Review - Cooking is fun

My Own Blue Apron Reviews

If you’re just trying to eat healthy and save time, trying something else. If you’ve got some time, want to try something challenging and want to push yourself to be a better at cook, do the Blue Apron thing. You can order from their website. The ordering process is very, very easy. Here’s a coupon for three free meals. If you don’t like it after the first order, it’s easy and free to cancel:

3 Meals Free on Your First Blue Apron Order

Also, my wife was pretty impressed. For anyone out there who wants to impress a date, Blue Apron is a great way to appear to be an excellent chef.

Finally, if you’d like to see more, please Let me know in the comments below.

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Maker Video Editing – Practicing The Craft

My friend and I are going to make a series of maker videos in the coming months. Before I start working directly with him, I want to develop a bit of experience with maker video editing. In the last few months, I’ve become fascinated with these maker videos.

Maker Video Editing experiments

I want to get some practice making good videos about building things before we start our School Bus conversion. We are planning that the moment we get our drop-shipping store to monthly profitability with a team to manage the day to day.

Here are my favorite makers:

This is my first shot at making a maker video. I purposely have kept the video unlisted as I it’s just an easy, fast experiment to learn some of the mistakes before I’m really trying to make something great.

What is Happening Here

In this video I just fix a pair of scissors with Sugru.

Sugru is just some putty that cures to be really durable rubber. It’s great stuff for fixing all sorts of problems.

It’s a very simple project on purpose. All I’m doing is gluing scissors together using a single product. The reason for making a video wasn’t to make the best maker video of all time, but to do something quick so I could practice making and publishing a maker video. The best way to learn is to make mistakes doing.

Maker Video Editing Experiment

Maker Video Lessons Learned:

  • Manual Focus – The wacky focus is due to the autofocus moving around. When sped up it really takes away from the shot. Also, the autofocus is wrong often so it tends to grab the wrong place. I switched the camera towards the end of the project from auto focus to manual focus and the last few seconds were much better.
  • Speed up Rates – Most of this is sped up to 300% I feel l like this is a bit fast, but it’s in the ball park of right on.
  • Editing Time – These videos take FAR less time to edit than my previous travel videos. This is a much less intense editing style. Very good news.

If you found this useful or have any tips for doing great maker videos, please share them in the comments. I’d love to hear from you.

Experimenting with Maker Video Editing + Sugru

Reno Patagonia Outlet Grand Opening, Nevada!

Reno Patagonia knows how to put on a party.

It wasn’t just that they had a great space, delicious food and sophisticated booze. The organizers did an excellent job of picking local artists to be a part of the event.

I left the party thinking, “Wow, Reno really is a great place!”

The above movie was pretty much shot on the fly with my Cannon G7X. I wasn’t planning it at all, but I think it came out well.

Reno Patagonia

Who Served at the Reno Patagonia Grand Opening?

If you’re interested in any of the businesses listed in this video, I’ve listed them below:

Truckee River Flooding February 10th, 2017 | Downtown Reno, NV

This is just a quick movie about the flooding that is happening in the Truckee River. I think it’s kind of cool.

Enter Willie

Q: Have you ever seen the water this high?

A: I’ve seen it once or twice you know, but never really like this. I mean, it’s immaculate guys.

This is how it goes man. Right down here, as you can see, it’s really getting hot.

The ducks! The ducks are sitting on the side because they don’t even want to get in the water. If that ain’t bad… what is man?

Nice Lady #1

Truckee River Flooding 2017

Q: Is this the highest you’ve ever seen the Truckee River?

Yeah, besides a couple weeks ago yeah. It’s pretty crazy.

Q: Cool, do you think we’re still going to flood?

I really hope not because I live literally across the street there. I’m pretty glad they built that wall so I’m hoping we don’t flood.

I live on the bottom floor so if we flood, I’m screwed.

Nice Gentleman #2

Reno 2017 Truckee Flooding

Q: What used to be down here? It’s just a river now.

It is a side walk. The pathway goes under… but now it’s part of the river. It’s crazy!

Nice Lady #2

2017 Truckee River Flooding

Q: So the river is flowing a little less than it was in January?

Yes. It’s flowing a little lower than it was in January. It’s a little more mucked up too. In January it was grey and dark and very, very dramatic.

This is really something, it’s the Mighty Truckee.


I bet you if the fish could get out of the river, they would too! 😀

2017 Truckee River Flooding

Helpful Truckee River Links

Flood statusNational Weather Service’s website where they make predictions.

City of Reno = See what the city is tweeting about.

National Weather Service = Check NWS Twitter to learn about any warnings in the area, or to hear what’s happening on a national level.

Truckee River Ducks


Setting Up Your Custom Domain Email Accounts

So I spent much of today trying to make the best screencasts I could.

I do have a question for anyone reading this blog.

Notice that in the first movie, I invest a lot of time into zooming in on the specific sections of importance.

In the second video, I ran of time and just completed it without the zooming in effects:

Which do you think is more useful for someone seeking this information? If you think the zoom is valuable, on a scale of 1-10 how important do you think it is?

Making a Canon d70 Travel Ready

Traveling is not healthy for cameras. Sometimes they get stolen, sometimes they break.

That’s why I added some sugru to my camera. It provides padding against drops and it makes the camera look less valuable. Appearing less valuable lessens the chance of someone stealing the camera.

If you like this style of video, let me know below. If you have an idea for a movie I should make, I’d love to hear it.