Hi. I’m Ian.

I graduated from the University of Nevada where I learned a lot about business, economics, Spanish, graphic design and rugby.



After graduating from University, I spent a year traveling and working exotic jobs.

I spent a few months picking fruit (mostly apples) in Australia. The massive profits from fruit picking helped me buy a ticket to South Africa for the 2010 FIFA World Cup in Cape Town.

Back in Australia, I served as a deckhand on a research trip to the unexplored Coral Sea. During the voyage, the team used a robot to discover a tiny new species of seahorse. It’s about a quarter the size of your fingernail and lives at a depth of 60 meters.

There I met Veronica (V) and the two of us moved to Hawaii.

I learned to podcast with Chris Ducker. Chris introduced me to my first podcast production client, Lewis Howes. Lewis’s success led to a lot of other podcast production roles for all-stars like Ali Brown, Nick Onken, Chris Hawker and more. That is how Freedom Podcasting Company came to be.

Every time I’m working on a big, important project, I like to share it with people. If you’d like to hear about these things, put your email in the box below and click the GiddyUp button:

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